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Returning service men and women are twice as likely to become chronically homeless as other Americans. Female veterans are four times as likely to become homeless than male veterans, though they currently make up only 8% of the homeless veteran population. Statistics show that homeless veterans are predominately single males and suffer with some type of disability or substance abuse. Nearly 50% of homeless veterans are between the ages of 18 and 50. Return to Duty Inc. was founded by three veterans who are dedicated to meeting this challenging issue head on. We are a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation that works with our nation's homeless Veterans and separating service members. We provide assistance with transitioning from Active duty to the civilian sector and provide support and services which help to set veterans on a path towards success. Our goals are to place displaced (homeless) veterans in temporary and/or (long-term) subsidized housing while helping to repair their confidence, education, and spirit. Our fundamental belief is that all veterans deserve a chance to live the American dream after returning home from military service. At Return to Duty of America, we show our veterans H.E.A.R.T.


Return to Duty of America Inc. is a non-profit organization 501 (C) (3) dedicated to working with displaced (homeless) veterans to empower, motivate, and educate veterans to become self-sufficient. Through services render displaced veterans, and their families, will have temporary and possibly long-term housing, counseling, access to case workers who will enroll the veteran in college and help the veteran utilize their VA homeloan while living on a Return to Duty of America family living facility.


Return to Duty of America Inc. goal is to operate nationwide drastically if not completely, diminishing the number of displaced veterans in America forever.

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We will counsel our homeless veterans to help them heal their mind, body, and soul.

We will empower our veterans by ensuring that they will have the tools and confidence needed to face their future goals and challenges.

We will aid our veterans in developing plans to re-enter the workforce while equipping them with knowledge and training to make them more successful.

We will work to restore confidence to our veterans through motivational training and speaking engagements.

We will treat all veterans with the respect, honor, and love due to them. We will have programs designed to engage veterans families, friends, and love ones through outdoor activities and events.

At Return to Duty, no veteran is alone, isolated, or outcast. We will breath as one, we will live as one, we will move as one. We Are One!

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