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Return to Duty of America started when one veteran witnessed the drastic amount of displaced veterans reporting to the North Chicago VA . The never ending lists of veterans that do not have a roof over their heads was unacceptable to Simeon Nunnally. While sitting in the VA telling his story, he was asked one very important questions “What do you want to do?” He responded "help them!" That would be the start of the Return to Duty of America Inc. family on July 3, 2015. Return to Duty of America is designed to assist veterans in the difficult transition from active duty status back to the civilian life. Many veterans struggle with the affects of war and the toll the military had taken on their life, emotions, and family. We are determined to make that transition one less stressful to-do for veterans. Not only do we provide housing to veterans (and their families), we also provide them with a support system of therapist, schooling, and family counseling. Return to Duty of America is on a mission to make displaced veterans a story told only in history books. We are one veteran's thought changing the lives of other veterans.

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